Sunday, May 10, 2009

Story of a Party

Once upon a time, there was an established centre-right political party, which had survived many conflicts and turmoils in its 126+ year history, from lost elections, to leadership "coups," culminating in a couple of impressive victories under a charismatic leader in the 1980's. Later on, following the departure of a highly unpopular incumbent, the party attempted to move toward the "centre," choosing a leader who, while somewhat fiscally conservative, was pro-abortion, and anti-gun. The party insiders thought this leader could take the party to victory, and put the time under the unpopular leader behind them. Then came the election.

Rather than soaring to victory, the "centrist" leader alienated social conservatives in the West, while, in the East, serious campaign gaffes, and the albatros of carrying the previous leader's party label, drove voters to the centre-left party, which, thanks to the new "conservative" leader, was now not all that different policy wise anyway. The party went from holding one of the largest majorities in history, to collapsing to two seats - the largest defeat of an incumbent political party in the history of the democratic world.

That party was the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Now you know the rest of the story.,_1993

Something for Republicans who think moving to the "centre" is the solution to think about.

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