Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ward v. Roberts - Update

Since my last post, Ken Roberts has, in fact, made a visit to Shoshone County - he spoke at our Republican Central Committee Meeting last night. As such, I must retract the portion of my last post regarding his refusal to visit Shoshone County.

My assessment? If Roberts wins the Primary, I would have no problem supporting him in the general election. He seems like a competent legislator, and his policies seem both socially and fiscally responsible. I can, actually, understand why his fellow Idaho legislators support him. However, in Congress I would envision Roberts as more of a compentent backbencher. No controversy along the lines of Chenoweth or Sali, but not the outspoken advocate for his constituents like Otter or Craig, either. Basically, my impression is that, if he gets in, Roberts would serve a few terms, be on a few non-descript committees, retire, and be a guest speaker at the odd Lincoln Day or State Convention. I think you'd maybe only see his name in the paper a few times during his term, and that would just be to announce a vote or his candidacy for re-election. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I think our district needs more, especially in what may be a liberal House, hostile to natural resource industry. In other words, Roberts seems like a good Idaho State Representative, but the Federal House of Representatives is a whole different ball game.

Vaughn Ward, on the other hand, has a more dominant personality, and has that "smooth" demeanour about him, which would work very well in D.C. He draws a perfect balance in his campaign style - he's not a "used car salesman," but he's not a lawyer/businessman-turned-cowboy either. Obama proved that personality can go a long way in politics and influence, while, unlike Obama, Ward has the credentials to back it up, and his policies are every bit as responsible as Roberts.

So, bottom line - Between the two, I am still behind Ward. But, if Roberts wins the Primary, he would still be 500% better than Minnick.