Friday, May 1, 2009

Minnick shows his true colours

As many are aware, the homosexual hate crimes bill has passed the U.S. House: As tempting as it is to comment on this development in itself, so many others have done so, thus any further commentary on my part would simply be redundent.

What got my attention most about this news was the vote: If you look closely under the "Ayes," you will see, in the middle column, toward the bottom, "Minnick." While this does not surprise me in the least, Minnick's apparent fiscal conservativism most certainly does not cross over into social conservatism. While this is, probably, not a vote huge enough in itself to cause a sufficient social conservative backlash against Minnick, if he continues this pattern, he will have a diffcult re-election bid ahead of him in this socially conservative district.

Tomorrow evening I, and some other Shoshone Republicans, will be having supper with one of Minnick's potential challengers: Vaughn Ward While I do not know a lot about him, his conservative credentials seems solid enough, and he has been spending quite a bit of time here up North, which is always a plus. Will he be the man to unseat Minnick? Time will tell.

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